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AT World Contest 2017: the rules

The contest is OPEN to all radio operators, no matter the call sign and the Group.

TWO rounds:  14-15 and 21-22 October 2017 (48+48 hrs).

It's compulsory to pass the progressive number (It will continue with the second round).

During the second round you can contact the same operators already contacted during the first round.

Only "single operator" stations are admitted. There are three categories :

  • Only phonia
  • Only digital (RTTY PSK CW)
  • Mixed

Please use these freq:
Digital 410-500
Phonia 600-850
You can use .555 only for calls than QSY immediately.

Points: 2 points each contact (phonia), 3 points each contact (digital modes), 15 points for each country (only one time)

Moltiplicators : Amount of coutries worked + different clubs call signs

All contacts declarated will be verified by the program.

Only QSOs verified will be valid. Example : 1AT001 will declare a valid contact with 1AT006. The program will check the log of 1AT006. If the contact isn't listed or if the log isn't arrived, than the QSO will be considered not valid.

So invite everybody to send their logs to the manager until november 2, 2017.  Please use the proper programm to compile the log:

Here you can ask software assistance and support.


You can use also the AT official paper log.  The paper logs must be sent to: G.R.I. Alfa Tango - Recinto Santo Spirito, 10 - 14100 Asti Italy  NO LATER THAN 10 DAYS after the end of the contest as to say no later than November 2.

Other type of electtronic or paper logs will not be accepted.


During the AT Meeting 2018 (40th Anniversary)
Cups and plates for the first three positions of each category. ( For the digital and mix categories the prizes will be assigned only if the manager will receive as minimum 10 logs.

This is a special and experimental edition.

For the next editions the manager is open and ready to change or to improve these rules in some part.  Good contest!