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AT World Contest 2018

To celebrate the 40th group anniversary the traditional contest formula is back!

From 00.00 UTC of saturday 22 to 23.59 UTC of sunday 23 september


1) Open to all friends. No matter the Group and the call

2) From 00.00 utc of 23 until 23.59 of 24 September (48 hrs)

3) Band : 11mt phonia only. Don’t use 500 to 600 khz

4) Only two categories admitted : single operator and xxxAT40Y divisional stations

5) Tansmissions from your country. Mobile outside your country admitted ONLY on request

6) The xxxAT divisional stations must operate only from their countries

  2 Points each contact
  15 points una tantum each country contacted
  10 points each ITU ZONE contacted
  10 points for each divisional AT40Y contacted
  11 The AT40YY stations will be used as moltiplicators

8) Final score and results available during the AT meeting 2019

9) The final score is obtained by your score X (moltiplicator) worked AT40Y stations
  Compulsory to pass the progressive numbers given and received. This is the only way to give validity at your contacts. Other systems not are admitted ( like QSLs etc)
  If the manager hasn’t the possibiity to check a log, the QSOs declarated in you log will be considered NOT valid. ( Each QSO must be verified by the PC program by reading the log of declarated contacted stations) Lies or unusual mistakes aren’t possible at all and scores cannot be allowed. SORRY but each contact must be controlled on two ways.
  9c) LOGs
Only official logs will be accepted if sent on paper. Please use the electronic log made by the AT World Contest program. For paper logs models see on

Paper logs must be sent only to :
ALFA TANGO – Recinto santo Spirito sud 10 – 14100 ASTI ( no registered NO assured).  Paper logs and electronic logs must be sent no later than 20 days after the contest end. If in delay will be considered Check Log.

A) Only one QSO per station
B) Only one divisional xxAT40Y per country
C) The xxAT40Y operators cannot work also as single operators
D) The first number passed MUST BE 1 (one)
E) Autospotting admitted only on .555
F) Autospotting on social blogs etc etc isnt admitted. Only radio please.
G) Please special warning for points E and F otherwise you log will be considered as Check Log.

A) Single operator : Cups or plates 1st to 3rd classified Awards for 4th and 5th classified
B) Single op. Non-AT Plate (if not present into first 5 classified)
C) Divisional AT40Y stations : Cups or plates for first 3 classified
D) Prizes will be given during the Worl AT meeting 2019
E) Cups or plates NOT given by hand will remain in AT HQ during next three years
F) An electronis award, on request, will be available by requesting it to the manager
G) The president 1AT001 Aldo can add. more prizes
H) The participation awards on paper are no more available

12) Final notes
The contest manager is the only person that is the interpreter of all contest rules
More info can be requested only to the contest manager
There is a full and more clear edition of these rules in italian language

For any question the italian versioni is the valid document. Translation is easy via Google translator.