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AT World Meeting 2019

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The World Wide Meeting 2019 will take place in a new and fantastic location:  Milano Marittima.


Milano Marittima is located in Emilia-Romagna, in a wonderful area of the Adriatic Coast. A 9km-long coastline characterized by a sandy beach of fine sand and shallow sea. This district lie in a privileged position making it an ideal base for excursions to the hills and Ravenna, the home of Byzantine art.  The Milano Marittima area is characterised by their abundant green and open spaces and by the Salt Pans (Saline of Cervia): 827 ha of protected nature reserve, part the South Station of the Po Delta Park, which can be visited on foot, by bike or boat.


Fully open to the tourism all over the year, Milano Marittima offers a wide range of top quality services ready to satisfy all kind of demands. The ideal destination for an “active holiday”.

Ravenna, just 25 km faraway from Milano Marittima, is a UNESCO site which preserves the richest heritage of mosaics dating from the 5th and 6th centuries AD within its early Christian and Byzantine religious buildings, as well as other monuments like Dante Alighieri’s tomb.
In the Ravenna province, you can visit also Brisighella, a tipical medieval village where is made a precious extra virgin olive oil, Casola Valsenio,  with its Garden of Medicinal Herbs or Faenza, capital city of ceramics. Just some kilometres away from here you will discover amazing surroundings, rich in art, history, nature and traditions. From flatland to the hills, there is a wide range of choice. 
You just need half day off from the beaches, to appreciate the village of Bertinoro, where to drink famous Albana white wine; or Forlimpopoli, location of “Casa Pellegrino Artusi”, a centre of gastronomic culture, devoted entirely to Italian home cookery; or Cesena, home of Biblioteca Malatestiana, World Heritage Site; or Forlì, with its big exhibitions at San Domenico Museums.

Visiting local farms you will have the chance to test all their home made products and wines; whereas artisan shops will show the production of their handcrafted goods.

Slow Food presidium since 2004, characterises local cuisine in a unique way, offering its guests a vast selection of typical fish and meat-based dishes.
In the fallowing sections you will see the planned menues for friday evening, saturday evening and sunday.  The lunch of friday and saturday is not organized by the group and all partecipants will be free to visit around and find their best accomodations for lunch.


Viale 2 Giugno angolo XIII Traversa, 19
48015 Milano Marittima 
Tel: +39.0544.99.46.65 - Fax: +39.0544.99.46.66


 The Hotel Adria will guest all the meeting events.



The rooms booking is managed directly and exclusively by the Hotel staff.

While reserving your stay remember to specify that you attend to the ALFA TANGO meeting, and of course to leave your call sign.

These are the special rates reserved us:

Single room (B&B): € 45,00  
Double room (B&B): € 70,00 (35+35)
Triple room (B&B): € 98,00 (35+35+28)
Quadruple room (B&B): € 105,00 (35+35+35+0)

Childrens until 6 years old are free.
Children from 7 to 12 years old will have a 50% discount.

Free services: Wi-Fi, use of the swimming pools, small pets in room admitted, discounts on beach umbrellas and sunbeds rental.



Friday 13 september

  • Guests arrival and free time for visit the area and the beaches
  • Dinner based on fish (equivalent alternative available on request)


Saturday 14 septenber

  • Guests arrival and free time for visit the area and the beaches
  • Dinner based on fish (equivalent alternative available on request)
  • Poolside music. DJ set by 1AT670

Sunday 15 september

  • Guest arrival
  • 10.30 MEETING ROOM
               - Speech by the President 1AT001 Aldo and prizes for:
               - Contest France
               - Polish Contest
               . Woman's Day Contest 2019
               - 2018 World Contest
               - Sprint Contest Emilia-Romagna 2019
               - Italian Contest Prizes 11mt. Extended 2019
               - Italian National Contest AT 2019
  • 13.00 Gala lunch based on typical local dishes and specialties
                During lunch, a rich lottery with fantastic prizes

Friday dinner (fish dishes, equivalent alternative available on request):  € 35,00
Saturday dinner (fish dishes, equivalent alternative available on request):  € 35,00
Sunday gala lunch (tipical local dishes):  € 30,00

A special menu for childrens until 12 years old will be available for € 12,00:  first and second course, side dish, ice cream.

Dinners and lunch can be reserved with the form below.
No obligation, no anticipations or payment are required. All can be done at your arrival to the team on site:

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How to reach Milano Marittima by public transports?

By airplane, the nearest airports are:

  • Bologna, G. Marconi (km 90)
  • Forlì,  L. Ridolfi (km30)
  • Rimini, F. Fellini (km 30)

By train, you must choose Cervia - Milano Marittima as the arrival station. The town is connected with the cities of Ravenna and Rimini by a large number of regional trains, both during the summer and winter seasons.

From Bologna you can also chose a private car rental service, minivans and station wagons with driver. Routes at a conventioned rates by Bologna Central Station or Bologna Airport for Milano Marittima or vice versa (agreement reference: "Alfa Tango amateur radio meeting Milano Marittima 13/14/15 September 2019").

For more information visit


2019-07-05 17:03:121AT097 Giorgio--2
2019-07-05 17:17:211AT074 Max111
2019-07-05 18:23:001AT802 Luciano222
2019-07-05 18:41:001AT619 Fabio-44
2019-07-06 09:22:521AT019 Antonio222
2019-07-06 17:13:381AT008 Fabrizio111
2019-07-07 13:51:161AT166 Grazia-11
2019-07-07 16:42:401AT010 Roberto111
2019-07-08 04:02:271AT424 Gianluca222
2019-07-08 14:37:221AT499 Davide222
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2019-07-11 18:25:481AT250 Vito222
2019-07-12 09:40:351AT011 Diana111
2019-07-12 18:31:161AT239 Mirko-11
2019-07-15 09:30:131AT1888-11
2019-07-16 15:30:311AT001 Aldo444
2019-07-19 21:41:2514AT326 Jacques--2
2019-07-20 08:38:301AT127 Luciano--2
2019-07-22 10:26:421AT692 Aldo--1
2019-07-22 14:17:001AT062 Paolo--1
2019-07-22 14:17:011AT1507 Pietro--1
2019-07-22 15:50:121AT868 Luca--2
2019-07-23 16:51:3215AT018 Mimmo--2
2019-07-23 17:47:4715AT011 Claudio--1
2019-07-24 15:08:001AT463 Giuliano--2
2019-07-27 16:20:511AT255 Sandro-22
2019-07-28 19:26:441AT580-22
2019-07-29 16:56:391SA141 Gabriele--2
2019-07-30 15:51:561AT1319 Andrea-33
2019-07-30 19:59:251SA222 Alessandro--1
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2019-08-04 16:18:21165AT017 Mario-44
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2019-08-12 10:34:471SA078 Giuliano--2
2019-08-16 07:27:281AT084 Giorgio--2
2019-08-17 20:29:551AT474 Christian-22
2019-08-18 18:50:401AT857 Agostino111
2019-08-19 11:39:551AT227 Livio--3
2019-08-20 11:07:501AT025 Mauro--1
2019-08-20 19:35:201AT477 Marco-21
2019-08-23 08:26:501AT014 Vincenzo-22
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