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42Y Award - WRM


42Y Anniversary of foundation
42Y Award - WRM

As you know, because the Covid19 this year we cannot celebrate, with the usual World Meeting, our 42Y Anniversary of foundation.

But we strongly want to celebrate it on the radio with a special and fantastic AT Radio Meeting !



We hope that ALL divisions with ATs living there will try to organize a special commemorative station.
The call will be : xxxAT/42Y....

Duration : The last 10 days of August 2020 (from 00.00 UTC of 22 august to 23.59 UTC of 30 august).

Divisions with more than 100 members will be authorized to run more special divisional stations. One every 100 or multiple. Max 5 stations also if the division has more than 500 members.

From Asti HQ will operate a special station with the call 1AT42Y/HQ



All operators, no matter the call and the Group, can participate.
On the end of September or when possible, will be available the special award via Internet. More info later on this matter.
Special Prizes for the first 5 xxxAT/42Y stations.
Special Prizes for the first 5 operators with highest numbers of AT/42Y worked.

It is not requested, for hunters, the sending of their logs. The manager will desume the score in automatic way by logs of xxxAT/42Y special stations.
Each participant can download the digital award simply by accessing the website which will be indicated.

Provvisory list of the 42Y stations on the air:

1AT42YHQ Italy   On request your eQSL please indicate your Callsign, Date and UTC for each QSO
1AT42YA  Italy    
1AT42YB  Italy    
1AT42YC  Italy    
1AT42YE  Italy    
2AT42Y  U.S.A.    
3AT42Y  Brasil    
5AT42Y  Venezuela    
15AT42Y  Switzerland    
16AT42Y  Belgium    
19AT42Y  Holland    
20AT42Y  Norway    
21AT42Y  Sweden    
26AT42YA  England    
26AT42YB  England    
29AT42Y  Ireland    
30AT42Y  Spain    
31AT42Y  Portugal    
34AT42Y  Canary Is.    
47AT42Y  Denmark    
56AT42Y  Finland    
75AT42Y  Azores Is.    
91AT42Y  Indonesia    
93AT42Y  Malta    
108AT42Y  Scotland    
165AT42Y  Sardinia Is.    



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