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 systemsoftwareupdate 94333 1222 xxxAT000/R/A/D/I/O 2024










 1AT000/R by Team Puglia; 1AT000/A by Team Cosenza; 1AT000/D by Team Palermo; 1AT000/I by Team Ragusa; 1AT000/O by Team Lazio (30Y, lead by 1AT272: in 2024 the italian club station will celebrate its 30th anniversary and 1AT000 is one of the most longest in the whole AT, formed in 1994 in Asti, Italy) 

 2AT000/R by 2AT019; 2AT000/A by 2AT081; 2AT000/D by 2AT111; 2AT000/I by 2AT154; 2AT000/O by 2AT949 (lead by 2AT041) 

3AT000/R by 3AT172; 3AT000/A by 3AT140; 3AT000/D by 3AT017; 3AT000/I by 3AT131; 3AT000/O by 3AT115 (lead by 3AT059)

 4AT000/R by 4AT174; 4AT000/A by 4AT112; 4AT000/D by 4AT109; 4AT000/I by 4AT179; 4AT000/O by 4AT236 (lead by 4AT236) on air starting April 2024

 14AT000/R by 14AT276; 14AT000/A by 14AT109; 14AT000/D by 14AT130; 14AT000/I by 14AT254; 14AT000/O by 14AT023 & 14AT292 (lead by 14AT065)

  19AT000/R by 19AT321 & 19AT210; 19AT000/A by 19AT145; 19AT000/D by 19AT105; 19AT000/I by 19AT447 & 19AT139; 19AT000/O by 19AT032 (lead by 19AT046)

 26AT000/R by 26AT708; 26AT000/A by 26AT077; 26AT000/D by 26AT040; 26AT000/I by 26AT115; 26AT000/O by 26AT014 (35Y, lead by 26AT043: in 2024 the english club station will celebrate its 35th anniversary and 26AT000 is one of the most longest in the whole AT, formed in 1989 in Lancashire, England)

 30AT000/R by 30AT046 & 30AT105; 30AT000/A by 30AT484; 30AT000/D by 30AT019; 30AT000/I by 30AT390; 30AT000/O by 30AT051 (lead by 30AT051)

 34AT000/R by 34AT077; 34AT000/A by 34AT185; 34AT000/D by 34AT121; 34AT000/I by 34AT044; 34AT000/O by 34AT037 (lead by 34AT077)

 91AT000/R by 91AT011; 91AT000/A by 91AT145; 91AT000/D by 91AT999; 91AT000/I by 91AT149; 91AT000/O by 91AT777 (lead by 91AT999)

 108AT000/R by 108AT046; 108AT000/A by 108AT107; 108AT000/D by 108AT101; 108AT000/I by 108AT173; 108AT000/O by 108AT041 (lead by 108AT077) 

 161AT000/R by 161AT179; 161AT000/A by 161AT504; 161AT000/D by 161AT109; 161AT000/I  by 161AT035; 161AT000/O by 161AT482 (lead by 161AT029)





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