AT Puglia Trophy

             In memory of Gino Cobra 1AT066


The Puglia Trophy consists in contacting the largest number of references and units of the Puglia region (Italy).

From 12 June to 11 July 2021

During this period the Puglia AT units will be active as:

  • Own AT call from qth province as this for example: 1AT073-FG Puglia Trophy;
  • Special call from Puglia’s Light Houses (see below L.O.T.A. valid references);
  • Special call from Puglia’s Islands (I.W.I. and I.I.A. of Puglia are valid);
  • Special call from Puglia’s Summits (S.O.T.A.);
  • Special stations (more info later about this on Alfa Tango official web site / facebook); 


How to partecipate

  • No registration need;
  • No log to send;
  • All people can take part at the trophy simply logging the “AT” operators in Puglia;
  • The final classification will be done with a software including all logs of Puglia Activators;
  • The final classification will be edit on Alfa Tango official web site not before of 30 August.


Valid references

  • ISLANDS OF I.IA.: (all islands with “P “ and “Q” prefix);
  • ISLANDS OF I.W.I. (only this: ILIA PUG 001);
  • L.O.T.A. (ITA 039, 040, 084, 089, 090, 107, 137, 141, 142, 150, 169, 170, 171, 175, 187, 212, 224, 238, 245, 264, 272, 274, 275, 313, 321);
  • S.O.T.A.(PU001, PU002 and PU007)
  • I.M.A.- following groups/provinces:

BARI: (A048, A055, A149,  A225, A662, A874, A892, A893, A894, B716, B23, B998, C134, C436, C975, C983, E038, E047, E155, E223, E645, F262, F280, F284, F376, F915, F923, G291, G769, G787, H096, H643, H645, H749, I053, I330,L109,L220, L425, L472, L571);
BAT: (A285, A669, A883, B619, E946, F220, H839, I907, L328, B915);
BRINDISI: (B180, B809, C424, C448, C741, D422, D508, D761, E471, F152, G098, G187, H822, I045, I066, I119, I119, I396, L213, L280, L920);
TARANTO: (A514, B808, C136, D171, D463, D754, E036, E205, E469, E537, E630, E882, E986, E995, F027, F531, F563, F587, F784, G251, G252, H090, H409, H882, I018, I467, M298, L049, L294;
LECCE: (A042, A184, A185, A208, A281, A350, A425, A572, B086, B413, B506, B616, B690, B792, B822, B936, C334, C335, C336, M261, C377, C865, C978, D006, D044, D223, D237, D305, D851, D862, D863, D883, E053, E061, E227, E506, E538, E563, E629, E815, E979, E984, F054, F101, F109, F117, F194, F221, F194, F221, F604, F623, F716, F816, F842, F881, F916, F970, G136, G188, G285, G325, G378, G751, H047, H147, H632, H708, H729, H793, H826, I115, H757, I059, I172, I549, I559, I780, I800, I887, I923, I930, I950, L008, L010, L011, L064, L074, L166, L383, L419, L462, L484, L485, L711, L776, M187, M263, M264);
FOGGIA: (A015, A150, A320, A339, A463, A854, B104, B357, B584, B724, B784, B904, B917, C198, C202, C222, C429, C442, C514, C633, D269, D459, D643, E332, E363, E549, E716, E885, F059, F631, F538, F777, G125, G131, G312, G487, G604, G761, H287, H467, H480, H568, H926, H985, H986, I054, I072, I158, I193, I641, I962, I963, L273, L447, L842, L858, M131, M132, M266, M267).



  • 5 points for each AT unit of Puglia;
  • 10 points for each L.O.T.A. or I.M.A.;
  • 15 points for each S.O.T.A.;
  • 20 points for each I.I.A. or I.W.I.;
  • 50 points for each one of the 6 provinces in Puglia;
  • 20 points for each qso with Special Station (more info about this only after the start of Puglia Trophy).



Every province of Puglia is a multipliers x 10 but you can confirm qso at least with 2 references of the same province. Provinces abbreviation are: BA, BAT, TA, LE, FG, BR.
For example:

I.I.A. in BA  (20) + I.M.A. in BA (10) + AT unit (5) = (20+10+5) X 10 = 350 pts
I.I.A. in BA  (20) + I.M.A. in FG (10) + AT unit (5) = (20+10+5) = 35 pts.






For any question please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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