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WRM rules of partecipation

WRM logo01Supplement to the AT Contests General Regulations
Last revision: April 8, 2013

Article 1: Participation
a) The event is open to all stations, AT or non AT
b) AT members are not required to register in advance.
c) Non-AT members are required to register for free in advance and during the event may use their usual callsign or a provisional AT callsign numbering from xxxAT2010 onwards. Such callsign (temporary number) and / or the request of participation with the usual callsign, must be requested on the appropriate web space accessible at Failure to prior registration of a non-AT members entails the exclusion from the contest.
d) Applications must be received within the 15th of the month before the event takes place. The request remains valid for all the subsequent periods, then there is no need to repeat it.

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Article 2: Duration

a) The contest is divided into the following 4 separate events:
 - Last weekend of July;
 - Last weekend of September;
 - Last weekend of October;
 - Last weekend of November;
b) The duration is 48 hours from 000:00 UTC of Saturday till 23.59 UTC of Sunday

Article 3: Band and modes
a) The activity must take place on the 11 meters band and only in PHONE.
b) The segment of 100 Khz, from 500 through 600, called DX portion, can’t be used for contacts, QSO’s made in this portion shall be invalid, penalties and disciplinary measures shall be applied. It is recommended to use both the lower (400-495) and higher portions (605-850)
c) It is allowed to call on 555 and then move to the operating frequency.
d) Participants are asked to follow the legislation in force as regards the use of their equipments and frequencies.

Article 4: Categories
a) It is allowed only the SINGLE OPERATOR category, intended to operate from a single station for the entire duration of the contest.

Article 5: Territoriality
a) It is allowed to transmit from a Country other than the place of residence.
b) Transmitting from a Country other than the place of residence, the usual callsign must be preceded by the prefix of that Country. Example: 14/1AT6 Such callsign shall be used in the call and shall appear on the header of the log. Notwithstanding only in the voice call can be used 1AT6 portable 14 France
c) During one period it is NOT allowed to transmit from different countries. Subsequently, the callsign during the same period cannot be changed.

Article 6: Scoring
a) one (1) point for each station contacted.
b) ten (10) points for Country contacted.
c) 50 (fifty) Bonus points for participation and submission of logs of all four periods

Article 7 Validity
a) To be valid, the log must contain the following mandatory information: given and received progressive numbers, the full callsign of the contacted station and the RTX Country
b) No need to submit any QSL for the accreditation of QSO’s.
c) The contacts must be bilateral and verifiable, in the absence of correspondence to verify the veracity of the declared data, such as in the case of un-received logs, the contact shall not be accredited.
d) Each station can be contacted only once for each of periods.

Article 8 LOG SHEETS
a) only official Alfa Tango logs (or copies) specifically prepared for the contest are accepted. The logs produced by the official logging software available for the contest are also acceptable.
b) Paper logs shall clearly indicate the used callsign as a header, the name of the operator, the  edition (month) to which the contest refers, and the country from which the station is operated.
c) It is mandatory to use the serial number of registration of QSOs that must respect the exact chronological order of the established contacts. Each operator will have to exchange the serial number with the contacted station and to receive the confirmation. It is not necessary to exchange other reports.
d) Written logs must contain all QSOs made, with its progressive numbering. In the case of double QSO or non-use of a serial number, the corresponding line must be canceled with a single red line clearly visible, while leaving legible the underlying content of the line.
e) Log other than those prescribed, written in a non-readable way, compiled in an incomplete, incorrect, or not professional manner or not sent at the place of checks will not be taken into consideration and will result in exclusion from the completion.
f) Paper logs must be submitted to the Contest Manager:

Piero Fantini
S.da Bellavista 16/7
10020 Baldissero (TO)


g) Written logs must be received no later than the 30th day after the end of each period, the postmark will prove the date of mailing. Log received after that date will be excluded from the competition and canceled
k) Electronic logs produced with the appropriate software must be sent after the end of each period to the e-mail address or to the website address described in the software.

Art.9: Placement
a) The Contest Managerwill prepare the monthly placement.
b) The placements will be publishedmonthly on the AT Websites, with the exception of the one related to the period of November andtheFinal Placement.
c) The Final Placement will be announcedat theannual meetingin Astiand published inelectronic media(newsletter or website).
d) The placement of each period isobtainedby adding the points gained for eachvalid contact
e) In caseof equal points,the same placement position will be attributed.
f)Final Placement (TOPTEN) is obtainedby adding the scoresofall the periodsplus anybonusof50pointsfor the participationto all fourevents.
g) Ifa participant transmittedby different countries, the scorewill be cumulative.

Article 10: Awards
a) From the 1st to the 5th place of the Final Placement (TOP TEN) - Awards are still to be defined and will be related to the number of participants.
b) From the 1st to the 3rd place of the single period – Electronic Certificate of Participation (E_Award).
c) The awards will be delivered ​​on the last day of the annual meeting in Asti.
d) A final decision of the Headquarter, and the President 1AT001 Aldo, the number of awarded with certificates or plaques might be increased and / or changed.

Article 11: Certificate of participation
a) It is possible to request an electronic certificate of participation for all stations exceeded 200 total points in the Final Placement (TOP TEN)

Article 12: Final notes
a) The authentic interpretation of this regulation is entrusted solely to the Contest Manager.
b) Clarifications and specifications may be obtained from the Contest Manager by letter, using the above mentioned postal address or via e-mail.
c) At the annual meeting in Asti, considering with the various commitments arising during this period and upon the availability and presence of the Contest Manager, an appropriate desk will be available where contestants may request the detail of their penalties. You are strongly advised to book the request in advance, best the day before, to the organizational team, specifying your callsign. The requests will be forwarded and processed by the Contest Manager. The desk will close on Sunday morning without exception, as soon as the awards are about to start.
d) The final notes are an integral part of this Regulation.

While not explicitly specified in this Regulation, the General Rules of the AT Contests are valid.