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AWC Log Ricevuti 2017

AT World Contest
Log Ricevuti - Received Log
28/11/2017 - 15.00 Utc

Call Country Paper
1AT1 Italy  
1AT6 Italy  
1AT37 Italy C
1AT46 Italy C
1AT48 Italy C
1AT89 Italy *
1AT94 Italy *
1AT127 Italy  
1AT166 Italy  
1AT239 Italy  
1AT250 Italy C
1AT259 Italy  
1AT272 Italy *
1AT294 Italy  
1AT325 Italy *
1AT337 Italy  
1AT341 Italy  
1AT348 Italy  
1AT351 Italy  
1AT368 Italy C
1AT385 Italy  
1AT424 Italy  
1AT484 Italy  
1AT485 Italy  
1AT499 Italy C
1AT530 Italy *
1AT578 Italy  
1AT581 Italy C
1AT586 Italy C
1AT591 Italy C
1AT673 Italy C
1AT720 Italy C
1AT868 Italy  
1AT947 Italy C
1AT1142 Italy  
1AT1224 Italy  
1AT1390 Italy  
1AT1716 Italy  
1AT2295 Italy  
2AT41 U.S.A. C
3AT17 Brasil C
3AT59 Brasil C*
3AT177 Brasil C
5AT12 Venezuela C*
9AT124 Canada  
9AT275 Canada  
12AT60 Uruguay *
12AT92 Uruguay C
13AT13 Germany  
13AT125 Germany  
14AT16 France C
14AT46 France C
14AT47 France C
14AT49 France  
14AT58 France C
14AT58 France C
14AT60 France C
14AT60 France C
14AT66 France  
14AT75 France C
14AT76 France C
14AT76 France C
14AT124 France C
14AT201 France *
14AT202 France C
14AT302 France C
14AT318 France C*
14AT324 France  
14AT350 France C
14AT365 France C
14AT510 France C
14AT612 France C
14AT675 France C
14AT728 France  
14AT941 France  
15AT11 Svizzera  
15AT157 Svizzera  
19AT256 Holand  
19AT515 Holand C
21AT140 Sweden *
21AT211 Sweden C
26AT16 England  
26AT77 England C
26AT93 England  
26AT128 England C
26AT169 England  
26AT239 England C
26AT705 England C
30AT46 Spain  
30AT83 Spain C*
30AT83 Spain C
30AT274 Spain C*
31AT51 Portugal C
31AT93 Portugal C
31AT183 Portugal  
32AT12 Chile  
34AT37 Canarie C
35AT46 Austria C
85AT46 Zimbabwe C
93AT11 Malta  
109AT77 Hungary  
161AT29 Poland C
161AT32 Poland C
161AT34 Poland C
161AT119 Poland C
161AT142 Poland C
161AT142 Poland C
161AT482 Poland C
178AT111 Bulgaria C
201AT226 French Polynesia  
205AT48 R.Cape Verde C
Call Country Paper
1ER168 Italy  
1KPI90 Italy  
1SA105 Italy  
1SA151 Italy C
1SA296 Italy  
3DX13 Brasil C
3SD106 Brasil C
9BB1 Canada  
14DA911 France  
14DX29 France C
14RC65 France C
14SD115 France C
26LR65 England C
26LR65 England C
30MU50 Spain C
30MU135 Spain C
30MU180 Spain C
31HS867 Portugal C
31SD111 Portugal  
35SD120 Austria  
54PAT10 Luxembourg  C
327CR56 Slovenia C

C = Log Cartaceo / Paper Log