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AT England Meeting

05/08/2023 08:00 - 06/08/2023 19:00


AT England Meeting 2023

5/6 August 2023

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Hi everyone

We have an update for everyone who’s thinking of attending this year’s 2023 England AT Meeting.

After reviewing various initial feedbacks, the following amendments and updates have been made, hoping that it makes the meeting more accessible for some and gives a small taster of what's planned.

Firstly, and most importantly, we can confirm there will be No charge for the 2023 AT England Meeting.

This makes it much simpler to administer so you can just turn up as you wish. We’re obviously aware that some people work shifts/odd hours and have other commitments - so having this flexibility may hopefully help some members plan the weekend. XYL/YL’s [or whatever genre] - I’m being very open here, are of course very welcome.

Members of other groups are also welcome to attend although as Non-AT Members, they won’t be permitted into the ‘Meeting Actual’ which will deal with any official business. This will take probably no more than an hour and will probably be from around 11.00am till noon [+/-]. Ops from other countries are also very welcome [AT or Non AT] - the meeting is an open affair.

Overnight camping for tents/campervans/caravans is available in the adjacent field at £10 per pitch which is for the Saturday night only [vacate by 19.00 Sunday] and is based on a pre-book only via Steve 26AT015 [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

There will be catering in the village hall for the Sunday only but it will be limited to sandwiches and maybe a few snacks/tea/coffee etc which can be purchased on site.Any catering profits will go directly to group funds. Those wanting a little more, then the Montagu Arms public house [on site] is open all day for meals etc.

There will be a ‘bring and buy’ stall and it would be great to see plenty of crappy old junk [sorry – quality radio gear] available to purchase. There’s no charge for bring and buy, but if you do sell your £1000 radio, then a token 10 quid to the group kitty won’t go a miss.

There will be a raffle with some very nice prizes and should anyone be willing to sponsor a raffle prize, then please let either Steve, Paul or Nick know via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There are also plans for 26AT000 to be active but this will be off-site. Any op wanting to be part of the special event station will need to contact us beforehand and we’ll put you in contact with Colin 035 who’s handling that part of the weekend.

We also hope to have a small antenna related Q&A session where you can fire any of your antenna related questions to Steve 26AT015 who commercially produced antennas for 15 years and also supplied HM Gov with some hardware.

There will be a desk with all group materials.

I know Keith 26AT102 can’t commit at present, but for sure there will be a stall for you to purchase group materials.

There are plans for a Saturday night informal 'Social' at the Premier Inn [Peterborough Ferry Meadows].This will be an open event, so the more the merrier.

We’ll publish a full itinerary nearer the time and of course there will most likely be additions to the program.

If any member has a suggestion that would help us improve the weekend - then we're all ears, just drop us a line.

As mentioned before, we'll have a 2m chat frequency [145.400MHz] and a 27Mhz FM [27.015Mhz Channel 5] open over the weekend for questions.

Anyone who would like to help out over the weekend please let us know.

We really are looking forward to catching up with faces old and new and really hope you can come along.


Nick 26AT043
Steve 26AT015
Paul 26AT016



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