French LOTA challenge 2021

01/01/2021 - 31/12/2021
AT France Division












Organize an annual challenge for French Lotas and overseas with the possibility of obtaining France Lota Awards over time (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

The annual challenge
An annual challenge is organized by the France division and overseas resorts. The aim is to promote radio activity by activating lighthouses (LOTA).
The goal for "hunters" is to contact a maximum of lighthouses each year and to obtain one or more AWARDS over time.
Each year a new participation diploma will be printed which you can obtain from the challenge managers.
The challenge managers are 14AT129 Guy and 14AT022 René under the cover of the France division.
An official log sheet is available and updated over time by the challenge managers. It will be downloadable on ATFR –

Content of the Log
No progressive exchange. The principle of "In The Log" or "Log" is used. To be considered valid, the QSO must mention the date, GMT time, frequency, mode and RS.

Date of the 2020 challenge
from 01/01/2021 to 31/12/2021.

Sending the "hunters" Log
They will be sent no later than January 31 of the following year. For example, the log of the year 2021 will be sent at the latest on 01/31/2022.
The managers of the challenge will systematically send a confirmation of the good reception of your log (by email).

QSL exchange
Each activator of Lota has the possibility of printing a QSL. In this case, the operator wishing to obtain the QSL card must send their QSL directly to the operator of the Lota and not to the challenge manager. (Mention of the availability of the QSL is
made in the official log table).

Annual graduation
Available from challenge managers. E-diploma (free), paper diploma: contribution of 3 €.

Annual challenge results
An annual ranking will be established each year.
This is a simple classification which will be mentioned on the diploma and disseminated by the France division on the official ALFA TANGO websites.

Award manager: 14AT022 - Contribution 3 € for the official award sent by post; free for the e-award.

4 Award Categories will be available
Bronze (12 Lota), Silver (25 Lota), Gold (50 Lota), Platinum (80 Lota).



For any questions pse contact René or Guy:

14AT022 René: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
14AT129 Guy: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
France Division: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

14AT/FRA024 Phare De Kermorvan 029 14AT129
14AT/FRA032 Phare Du Petit Minou 029 14AT129
14AT/FRA034 Phare de Portzic 029 14AT129
14AT/FRA054 Phare de Boulogne Jetée Nord-Est 062 14AT206
14AT/FRA061 Phare De La Pointe De Corsen 029 14AT129
14AT/FRA086 Phare Du Cap Gris-Nez 062 14AT206
14AT/FRA089 Phare de Boulogne Jetée Sud-Ouest 062 14AT206
14AT/FRA095 Phare de Boulogne Jetée Est 062 14AT206
14AT/FRA136 Phare Des Baleines  017 14AT062
14AT/FRA158 Phare D'Alprech 206 14AT206
14AT/FRA167 Phare D'Aiguillon Point I 044  Team 44
14AT/FRA197 Phare De Beuzec Conq Light  029 14AT229
14AT/FRA269 Phare Dunes Canal Sud 059 14AT269
14AT/FRA270 Phare De Eckmühl 029 14AT229
14AT/FRA276 Phare De L'Espiguette 030 14AT302
14AT/FRA285 Phare De La Flotte  017 14AT062
14AT/FRA301 Phare De Goulphar  056 14AT356
14AT/FRA307 Phare Du Grau Du Roi Old Tower H 030 14AT302
14AT/FRA308 Phare Du Grau Du Roi East Pier 030 14AT302
14AT/FRA309 Phare Du Grau Du Roi West Pier 030 14AT302
14AT/FRA339 Phare De Lochrist 029 14AT129
14AT/FRA422  Phare De Port Haliguen Old 056 14AT356
14AT/FRA430 Phare De Port Maria 056 14AT356
14AT/FRA479 Phare De La Pointe Saint-Gildas 044 Team 44
14AT/FRA489 Phare De Saint Martin En Ré 017 14AT062
14AT/FRA494 Phare De Saint Nazaire Est Pier 044 Team 44
14AT/FRA495 Phare De Saint Nazaire Old Pier Light 044 Team 44
14AT/FRA496 Phare De Saint Nazaire Ouest Pier 044 Team 44
14AT/FRA523 Phare Du Treport Ouest 076 14AT292
14AT/FRA537 Phare Du Risban 059 14AT269
14AT/FRA703 Phare De La Grande Motte East Pier 034 14AT302
14AT/FRA704 Phare De La Grande Motte West Pier 034 14AT302
14AT/FRA723 Feu De Sangatte 062 14AT206
14AT/FRA725  Phare De L'Ecluse Trystram Front Range  059 14AT269
14AT/FRA726 Phare De L'Ecluse Trystram Rear Range  059 14AT269
14AT/FRA747 Phare De La Pointe Du Coq 029 14AT229
14AT/FRA748 Phare De La Pyramide Benodet 029 14AT229
14AT/FRA750 Phare De Trezien 029 14AT129
14AT/FRA771 Phare De Cayeux - Brighton 080 14AT292
104AT/COR06 Phare de Pertusato 2A Team 2A
104AT/COR07 Phare de la Chiappa 2A Team 2A



Download this file ( logsheet and rules [EN] 685 kB
Download this file ( y hoja de registro oficial [ES] 715 kB
Download this file ( officiel et règles [FR] 973 kB
Download this file ( ufficiale e regolamento [IT] 692 kB